Website Development

There is no doubt that your website is your online persona. This is why it must be unique just like you. For this reason we do not work with templates. After getting to know your idea or current business, we proceed to develop the best possible conception for its online implemntation. We will prepare for you a prototype of your website. Thus you will be able to see its structure and to give us feedback. Only after that we will proceed to develop your website in accordence with the previously developed prototype and conception of it.

E-Commerce Development

Regardless of the type of website we build, our goal is to present your business in the best possible way. Everything said about the development of a website also applies to the development of an online store. We will develope a clear conception of the structure, (UX/UI) design and payment methods of your online store. The starting point with which we comply when developing an online store is the easiest and most pleasant user experience for your customers as possible (from browsing and searching for products to purchasing and finalizing an order).

UX/UI Design

UX/UI design regards the user interface and experience ( UI - user interface / UX - user experience). When building your website, our goal is to achieve a structure and interface that guarantees an excellent user experience. We have already mentioned several times that the first thing we create is a website prototype. It provides you with an opportunity to see a model of your website. Only after discussing it, we proceed to the actual development of your site.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is another version of your website for different devices (not only for desktop but for mobile as well). The mobile version of a website is extremely important as today's internet users spend more time in front of their mobile phones than in front of their computers. For this purpose, it is absolutely mandratory to develope an excellent user interface and experience not only for desktop but also for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).


SEO optimization is one of the most important components in website maintenance. It concerns the visibility of your website in various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). Every single page, post or product must be optimized separately. SEO optimization is an ongoing strategic process and it shows best results within a longterm maintenance of your website. When developing your website we will optimize it, but what we recommend is to think seriously of our website maintenance service.

Website Maintenance

After the completion of your website, you can take advantage of our website maintenance service. It is the most important service for those who want their website to function properly and gain visibility on the Internet. Website maintenance includes technical support, updates, article uploads, regular search engine optimization (SEO), social network maintenece, poster design, etc. If you paln to take advantage of our website maintenance service, we will make you an offer with a dicount for the development of your webiste!

If you would like to learn more about our services, you could take a look at the presentation of one of our completed projects at the following page.