Malvina Language and Creativity Centre

We would like to share with you one of the projects we have created. This is the website we developed for Malvina Language and Creativity Centre. In this way you will get a better idea of the overall work process realted to the development and maintenance of a website.

Malvina Language and Creativity Centre Website Prototype

There is no doubt that a website prototype is the most importing starting point before the actual development of your website. It is a full demo version of your future website. It is a matter of discussion until the development of a final model that fully matches your preferences and requirements. Here you can watch a short video presentation of the final prototype on which basis the website of Malvina Language and Creativity Centre was developed.

Malvina Language and Creativity Centre Website Maintenance

What is a website maintenance and why is it needed? The maintenance we offer goes far beyond technical maintenance. The website content must be updated regularly. For example, Malvina Language and Creativity Centre needed a new page for their website. We immediately made a prototype and proceeded to the development of the new web page. We also take care of the design and SEO optimization of the weekly articles in the News section.

Photography Services

Sometimes people do not realize that professionally taken photographs are extremely important for any website. However images are important not only because of the vision of your website but bacuse of the SEO optimization as well. If you have a certain number of images, we will go through them to select the ones we could use. If you do not have images, we will contact you with a professional photographers for your photos. Malvina Language and Creativity Centre had only partial photographic material for their website. We took care of the rest of the photos in order to represent their business. We also photographed some of the events that the center organized. You can see some of them in the slide presentation here. All photos underwent professional technical processing with Photoshop.

SEO and Digital Marketing

In addition to the development of your website, we prepare a digital marketing strategy for your business. Our goal is to achieve optimal organic (unpaid) search results. According to recent studies, most people visit organic results and avoid paid advertising results. That is why we undertake ourselves with SEO optimization of every new content (page, article, product, etc.) on your website. We also take care of the management and professional vision of your social networks. We will prepare posters (flyers) for your posts. Please find some sample posters and short video presentations that we prepared for the Malvina Foreign Language Center below. Click on the poster to open it.

Postcrossing Poster
English for Children Poster
Theatre Poster
Poetry Competition Poster

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